Legend has it that the Buffadoo, also known as “the tool for lighting fires without burning your mustache,” was created long ago, in the far reaches of the Aubrac and Gévaudan plateaus. This region was said to be inhabited by witches, one of whom, named Bouffanelle, conjured up this miraculous stick that lets you bring the flame back to life without blowing ashes all about. It is pierced through-and-through, and simply blowing in one end sends a sneaky little elf, all dressed in red, dancing into the fireplace.

The Buffadoo has come down through the centuries to accompany our long winter evenings. Let it accompany yours.

We have brought two patented improvements to this traditional, ergonomic and functional object: a one-way silicone valve that inhibits accidental smoke inhalation, and an aluminum cone whose form improves the airflow by use of the Venturi effect.

It has been an esthetic, reassuring and indispensible part of our household interiors for generations.

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